Natural Eye Care – Can It Save Your Vision For Life Time?

Vision care is a long term practice. That beings from childhood and carries throughout the life. You can use a number of ways for Eye Care to make your vision healthy. People who use computer for more than 5 hours continuously each day can face a problem called C VS. C VS stands for computer vision syndrome. However specific glasses are developed for C VS problems.

Besides the C VS, there are numerous other problems that can occur due to regular computer use such as eye strain, aching eyes, tired eyes, blurred vision, light sensitivity, aching shoulders & neck, headaches and many more. All these and several other visual problems can be avoided by proper & natural vision care. Natural Eye Care methods can save your vision for life time without any harm. It is the most useful benefit of these methods that they don’t provide any medical side-effects to eyes.

Some of the most useful natural visual care methods are:

  • Eye Exercise: It is the most useful and natural Eye Care method that everyone can use at any time. But to get real and valuable benefits from this method, use it only in the morning time. If you don’t have any idea about these exercises, take help of your optometrist. You can also find many websites on the web which can help you in this purpose.
  • Proper Diet: Proper diet is significant not only to maintain good health but also for the good vision. So, always include plenty of vegetables and fruits like mangoes, carrots, papaya, spinach etc. in your daily meal. You can read proper human diet articles and blogs to get more information about this.
  • Quit Bad Habits: Some of your bad habits like smoking provides very bad impact on vision and create problems like optic nerve damage, cataracts, muscular degeneration etc. So, to get healthy vision for a long time quit your bad habits as soon as possible.
  • Rest: Proper rest is one of the most useful natural Eye Care methods. It not only help you to collect new work energy but also protect your eyes and vision from many problems. It is suggested take a 15-minutes break after every two hours continuous work. If you don’t leave your work then close your eyes for 5 to 10 minutes on your seat and give re-leaf to your eye from work.
  • Enough Sleep: Many of the youngster, don’t take proper sleep and lose their eye-sight in small age. It is proved by several medical researches that less sleep provides dangerous effects not only to body but also to vision. So, if you want to use healthy vision for life time then take proper and enough sleep.

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