Some Facts and Tips on Contact Lenses

imagesMany people want to change the colour of their eyes. Colour contact lenses are in big demand these days. There are various options available in contact lenses such as heavenly hazels, gorgeous greens, baby blues and other patterns and designs. You can check out these options at Meadowvale Optometrists Mississauga.

When you purchase coloured contact lenses make sure they are safe and effective. These contact lenses can be purchased by mail, over the phone or through internet, provided you have a prescription at hand. The type of contact lens that will be suitable for you depends upon the lifestyle you follow. At Meadowvale Optometry you can find contact lenses which you can wear for 30 hours at a stretch. Disposable contact lenses are also available, however, they do not come with disinfectants or instructions for cleaning.

People often consider contact lenses as simple pieces; however, the fact is quite opposite. Lenses that are easier to handle and less likely to tear may be difficult to wear in the beginning. The options available in lenses are disposables, extended wear lenses, rigid gas permeable lenses and soft contact lenses.

Bifocal correction is available both for rigid and soft Contact Lenses. In some cases, one lens is for near vision and the other is for far vision, while there are some in which both the corrections are provided by the same lenses. Soft contact lenses are more comfortable and are easier to adjust. This is due to the fact that they absorb and hold the water and comfort the eye.

Important rules:

1) Never exchange your contact lenses with someone else.

2) Always use sterile saline solutions to clean lenses, as distilled water may contain microorganisms. It is important to get proper fit; otherwise it may lead to eye abrasions, inflammation or eye sores.

3) All the instruction on handling contact lenses can be had from optometrists in your local area.

Contact lenses have certainly made our life easier, but it is important to use them properly in order to have the right benefits.


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