Suitable Solutions for Eye Care

Everyone will agree that our eyesight is very valuable for us. Just like with any other part of our body, our eyes also go through wear and tear due to regular usage and insufficient care. When you come across some eyesight challenge, eye specialists like Optometrist in Mississauga are the right persons who will guide you properly.

However, there are certain approaches which we can adapt in our daily lives to lower the risk of developing critical eye problem. These remedies are painless but they are really effective and are intended to nourish your eyes.
Sun and ultra-violet rays are the most potent variables that cause harm to our eyes and these variables are often underestimated. Radiations emitted by the sun and by other sources pierce through the cornea and damage the cells inside. Optometrists in Mississauga are of the view that constant exposure of eyes to sunlight has been found to increase the probability of cataract along with muscular degeneration.

We need to take steps to reduce the exposure of UV light on our eyes. Wear a hat that can give shade to our eyes or wear sunglasses, both ways you will be protecting your eyes from direct exposure to the sun. In recent years a new culprit has been found to cause harm similar to that caused by sun and UV rays. Any guesses! It is our computer screen. Thanks to advancement in technology, the old cathode ray tubes are out, which were said to cause more harm than the present LED ones. Many people spend hours looking at computer screens and as per optometrists.  It can lead to blurry vision after a period of time.

Consult an Optometrist in Mississauga if you give lengthy attention to computer screens. Many of them would recommend giving break after every 15 – 20 minutes. The objective is to break the constant glare. Look at some distant object or close your eyes for few seconds. It will maintain the blood flow in your eyes and make you feel fresh.


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