When you Need to get Your Eyes Checked?

Consider it luck or call it genes, but there are many among us who are able to maintain 20 / 20 vision throughout their life. There are some, who are not that lucky enough and they have wear corrective lenses from an early age.

No one wants to see an eye doctors or ophthalmologists, apart from the phobia, there is expenditure involved. Even though we are not doctors, but we can perform certain examination on our own to find out whether we need to undergo an Eye Examination or not.

There are various alarming and serious situation of eye illness, but here we will consider only those that require regular check-up. So, here are the warning signs for you.

Blurriness of the Vision – Our vision decreases as we age and it starts to blur out. Eyes are an organ and just like any other part of our body they are made of muscles which undergo wear and tear. The performance of eye muscles is affected as we age, which leads to blurry vision. In the beginning, we tend to ignore it, and blame it on the surrounding, but the alarm bell is ringing for you here.

Pain in the Eye or Eye Socket – In case you are experiencing regular eye strain, then it is time to consult a doctor. Eye strain may occur at times due to cold, headache, sinus problem or bright light. But, there is some pain that never seems to go away. In case, you do not take proper action, you may be inviting more problems for you. Consult an ophthalmologist or Optometrist straight away.

Many times our Eye-Sight is affected due to other health complications such as diabetes, blood pressure, weakness caused due to fewer or just may be due to excessive workload. But, in case these problems appear on a regular basis, it is better to get our eyes checked before it gets any worse. Even if you are not experiencing any problem, it is a good practice to get your eyes checked at regular intervals.


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