3 Tips for Choosing Right Set of Eye Glasses

Whether you are picking a cool pair of new sunglasses, changing the look of your eyeglass frame or getting eyeglasses for the first time, there are certain things that you need to remember. Function, comfort and fashion are the three important characteristics.

Get the Right Prescription

When you go for eye exam it is essential you have enough time at your disposal. You should answer all the questions carefully. You can ask the Eye Doctor in Mississauga to slow down in case he or she is moving too fast. Eye doctor are only humans, they will not get to know unless you tell them what the problem is. It is essential to be clear and detailed in order to have the right prescription.

Glass or Plastic

Eye glasses Mississauga are available in two options glass and plastic. Both the options have their own benefits and liabilities. For those who wear glasses for long duration or for entire day it can be miserable for them to wear heavy glasses, particularly when they are prone to headache, have a sensitive nose or catch sinuses easily.

Frames made of glass are heavier as compared to plastic frames. Plastic frames, on the other hand, are prone to scratches more easily as compared to glass frames. You can talk to your Eye Doctor Mississauga regarding this.

Shape and Weight of the Glasses

As a rule of thumb, pick eye glasses that match with your brow line. One of the most important facial features to consider when you check out all the Eye Glasses Mississauga is that they should complement your eye brows. People who will be bearing eye glasses all day long should take the weight of the eyeglasses as the primary factor.

Lightweight eyeglasses are more durable and they are more comfortable. There is another option in the form of wire frames which can be lightweight and strong. You should also keep in mind the size of the lenses. Small lenses are in trend now and are more fashionable, but you should not compromise on your field of vision.


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