When Do You Need To Go To an Eye Doctor?

When people complain of any type of eye problem they have to go and see an emergency room physician or primary care doctor. Some of the diseases can be diagnosed by these doctors and in majority of the cases they can treat some of them. These eye doctors are very reliable for much of the treatment. For full examination, one has to go to an ophthalmologist and they will let know if glasses are required by them or not. The need for an eye doctor can be felt for a number of cases, and some of the discussion is done here.

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To assess the eye condition of any person, there are many ways to do so. Correct diagnosis can only be had through thorough interview along with a well thought out examination. The eye doctor may ask a number of questions depending on the condition of the patient. Did they have any loss of vision? Was the pain there for a long time or it is sudden just as it starts?

Eye pain, vision loss or a headache can be due to a number of reasons and in some cases they can coincide with one another. In order to understand the problem thoroughly a complete examination is required. Eye doctor in Mississauga can have many clues just as they look at the patient and carry out a superficial examination. Things can be quite obvious in case there is a traumatic injury. If there is a loss of vision or not can be verified only through check-up.

Some of the eye problems can be cataracts, detached retina, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy among others. High blood pressure can also lead to vision loss and it can be serious or of permanent nature at times. Some patients who require new glasses and who are not emergent are also treatment by eye doctor in Mississauga.


Some minor surgeries are also performed by optometrist in Mississauga. Eye doctor on the other hand can perform deeper exploration to find out the problem and deliver effective treatment. Surgery for a detached retina, treatment of a certain types of glaucoma, and cataract removal are some of the surgical procedures that can be performed by ophthalmologist.

An optometrist in Mississauga can refer certain types of patients to eye doctor in case they require certain type of medication. Drugs that are prescribed to be used in eyes have to be monitored quite closely as in case there is improper intake of these medications it can also lead to permanent damage to our eyes. In the end you may require the reference of an ophthalmologist in case the need arises.

It is important to maintain a close watch on our eyes and get our eyes checked at regular intervals to prevent any disease from occurring to us. Eyes are truly the windows to our soul and it is our responsibility to keep them as clear as possible.


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