How to Choose the Eyeglasses Frame that is Perfect for your Face

When one is suggested to opt for eyeglasses, the foremost thing that comes in our mind is, ’How am I going to look?’ Everyone wants the eyeglasses frame to be attractive and complementing their face. Once the perfect frame is selected, an eyeglass is all about fitting in the right lens.

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Eyeglass frame comes in different shapes, sizes and colors. It becomes a hustle to choose the perfect one amongst so many choices. Once you go through the below mentioned points, you will be able to select eyeglasses frame that is perfect for your face.

  • Take your face shape into consideration:  We all are born with different body features. The eyeglasses frame should be chosen such that it enhances your facial attributes. Take some time to study your face shape it can be wither oval, triangular, diamonds-shaped or round. You can take an erasable pen and draw the outline of your face on a mirror, just to know which one is yours

To elaborate two most common cases:

  • Round Face: A round face is not angular instead all the features are in equal proportions. In such cases rectangular frames can make your face look slimmer.
  • Square shaped face: Square shaped faces usually have a broader forehead; length and width of face are also equal. In these cases round frames can give your face a little round shape, contrary to the original shape.

Choose the apt color wisely:

Choosing the apt frame color is as important as choosing what to wear for a business meeting. The frame color should not merely depend upon your favorite color instead you should keep in mind following factors:

  • Skin Tone:  Your skin tone decides which color would complement you. Determine your undertone whether it is warm or cool. The warm undertone is the yellow or golden tone and includes colors like golden and peach. However on the other hand cool tone includes blue undertone and colors may vary from black to magenta or pink.
  • Eye color: Your eye color should go complementing the eyeglasses frame you have chosen. In case you are a female and loves eye makeup, make sure your frame matches your lifestyle.
  • The Frame Material determines your appearance too

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In places like Mississauga in Canada the eyeglasses frame comes in wide variety of materials; for some people the plastic material works while for others metal does it job. Choosing frame material while buying eyeglasses should also be kept under consideration as it may determine the durability.

  • Take a friend along:  Two heads are always better than one. You will never go out of suggestions and the confusions can be also rid off easily, when you take someone along whose fashion sense and opinion you agree with.
  • Let your frames enhance your personality: You are the charge of your personality. Buy an eye glass frame that matches your lifestyle and enhances your looks and personality. Choosing the right eyeglasses frame is not a left-hand job but once you are through this, you will be better and confident about yourself.
  • Comfort above all: We all tempt to choose frames that go well with our wardrobe, but the truth is comfort lies above all. Choose an eyeglasses frame which is light in weight, does not cause stress and the one which you can carry all day long comfortably and at ease.

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