Pros and Cons of Wearing Eye Glasses in Mississauga

We are blessed with human body, which consist of several body parts each one performing individual task and coordinating together to function as one unit. Human eyes are one of the most special organs that help us to see or visualize things and form a perception accordingly.

eye glasses in Mississauga

Usually, when we take glance at an object, image formation takes place at retina. When this does not happen, we start seeing blurred or fuzzy images, which leads a person to wear eye glasses, in order to rectify the image.

Over the past few years, number of people wearing eye glasses Mississauga has considerably increased. Wearing eye glasses is like two sides of the same coin as it carries both pros and cons.

The pros of wearing eye glasses are listed below:

  • Easy to Carry and Maintain: Eyeglasses can be easily carried by people restricted to no particular age bar. Be it children or elderly people, eyeglasses are easy o wear and moreover cleaning them without causing damage to helps in easy maintenance of eye glasses.
  • Affordable:  Usually the eye glasses come at an extensive range of prices, which is affordable by almost everyone. The contact lenses are at considerably higher prices than eye glasses. The inexpensive attribute of the eyeglasses, make them much demanded amongst people.
  • No ill Effects: The best part about eye glasses is that they never come in direct contact with the eyeball thus causing no side effects to sensitive eyes at all. Wearing eye glasses also does not require touching the eyes, which reduce the chances of eye infections to a great extent.
  • Prevention is better than Cure: Eye glasses prevent dust and other minute particles present in air from entering into the eye, which ensures eye hygiene and eye glasses has also proven to be successful in preventing eye injuries in most of the scenarios. When we highlight the positive side, the darker side of eye glasses cannot be ignored. The cons of eye glasses include:
  • Easily obstructed by external conditions:  Eye glasses are easily affected by some of the peripheral conditions like fog can lead to deposition of moisture on the glass surface and dust deposition on glasses can haze the view. All these conditions demand constant attention for cleaning Eyeglasses Mississauga, increasing overhead.
  • An ‘extra’ possession to carry:  Eyeglasses are always an extra possession to carry, which often involve the risk of breaking down or losing the glasses. This can cause eyeglasses to be more expensive and can also require supplementary maintenance.
  • Can cause discomfort:  Eye glasses need to be wore constantly, causing certain pressure on the nose as well as on the ear area. This might also cause stress in certain cases, which can further lead to headache.

Eyeglasses carry both the positive as well as negative impacts, now it would depend upon the user, his expectations, investment amount and how handy he is to go on with eye glasses.


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