With Diabetes Keep an Eye on your Eye Diseases

Today diabetes is known to occur in every other person be it a man or a woman, even the young ones are likely to be affected by the same today. If you have diabetes it does not remain restricted, instead there are chances that it will affect your eye health and lead to worse states. We can help you analyze the potential eye problems that can occur in your eyes due to diabetes and all you can do to prevent the same.


Diabetes can cause following eye problems:

  • Blindness: Diabetes can make your lens swell due to increasing blood sugar. The swelling of the lens can change the lens shape which will deplete your vision capacity. If you have blurry vision for now it might be the first sign knocking on your door for eye health.

  • Glaucoma: It is a form of vision loss which occurs due to increasing pressure on eyes. It might lead to the damage of optic nerve and form blurry images. People who are diabetic in nature are likely to face this problem of glaucoma.

  • Cataract: You might not have had cataract problem earlier but the chances for diabetes patients is really high. Cataracts actually make you eye lens clouded and can even turn worse if diabetes and its effects are not checked.

  • Damage the Retina: Damaging your retina due to high blood sugar level is termed as retinopathy. This is a severe eye problem as it can even lead to blindness.

How to keep an eye on eye diseases?

  • Keep a check on eyes and any symptoms related to the same

You must keep a check on any of the eye related symptoms like blurred vision, double vision, light flashes, eye pain, and black spots in your vision etc and if you notice any of these symptoms do not consider them to be normal instead take immediate steps to deal with the same. You eyes are really valuable and it can even lead to vision loss and further adverse effects, if a proper check is not kept on your diabetes and vision.

  • Choose the right optometrist

The right optometrist will help you keep your eyes safe. If you have diagnosed with diabetes then you must talk to your optometrist about the same and let him monitor any of the changes occurring in your eye conditions. The scenario seems to be worse when retina damages prior to any form of the vision loss. You can keep yourself healthy by choosing the right optometrist and consulting him on the regular basis.

  • Regular Eye checkups

Consistent or regular eye checkups can help to keep a check on your eye health. Your eye care professional will certainly guide you about the visits you must pay him in order to maintain your eye health and check if diabetes is affecting your eyes or not. Regular eye checkups by expert optometrists can help to diagnose any potential problems in time and cans save you from adverse effects like blindness.

Diabetes is something that will affect your vision and eye health in a silent fashion. Well do not let it play its role instead be on the safer side by taking preventive actions and caring for your overall health.


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