Get Your Eye Problems Cured By Consulting An Eye Specialist

The visual system is the most complicated and delicate system in a human body. In the comprehensive vision and eye health examination, conducted by eye care specialists, health of the eyes from retina to cornea is properly checked.

eyeglasses-2003188_640As we know retina of our eyes is the most delicate area which are damaged by systemic diseases for example diabetes. ARMD ( Age Related Mascular Degeneration) is also caus
ed by the thinning of the retina
, which is an essential part of an eye.

Powerful magnifier and microscopes are used to examine the inside area of the eyes, where small vessels are also visible. This tiny structure of eye area reveals the signs of diseases such as hardening of the arteries, high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis, and glaucoma.

Percentage of women facing eye problems are more than Man

According to one survey, it has been noted that women suffer more from eye problems as compared to men. Cataracts, dry eye disease, glaucoma, and muscular degeneration are some of the diseases from which women get affected more.

Experts available at Meadowvale Optometry offer all services. Some of the most common services offered include single vision contact lenses, colored contact lenses, bifocal contact lenses, contact lens fitting service and gas-permeable Toric lenses.

If you want to avoid these eyesight problems, then, follow these below mentioned some of the most important steps.

Early detection of the problem

Most diseases of the eyes do not show detectable symptoms at an early stage unless and until they reach an advanced level. If you want to remain safe from the problem, then you need to

  • Identify an eye disease in the medical history of your family

  • Get a regular eye exam/ As prevention is better than cure. Identifying and preventing the problem at an earlier stage is good for your health.

  • You need to stop smoking habit.

  • If you are pregnant women and going to give birth to a baby, then also you must consult an eye care specialist.

  • Make use of contact lenses and cosmetics thoughtfully and safely.

  • For blocking UV rays go for brimmed hat and sunglasses.

Get a dilated exam for the eyes every year

According to one recent survey, the percentage of women who passed from eye test is very less. It is important for your good health of eyes to get a dilated exam timely. Routine checkup of eyes will reveal your eye conditions which affect your whole body. If these problems are not identified and cured at the right time, then further it may also lead to a serious health problem.

As vision optometrists available at Meadowvale Optometry are always there to offer high quality of service to their customers. They ensure lifelong vision health along with the overall health of their customers. If you are suffering from any kind of health problem and need consultancy then feel free to contact us. You can reach Meadowvale Optometry easily through fax, email or from available phone numbers.


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