Choosing Right Contact Lenses


Contact lenses are used for the correction of vision and are placed on the cornea of the eye. They are very light in weight as compared to glasses and spectacles. Contact lenses help form the image on the retina of the eye by diverging or converging the rays of light entering the eye.

It is always best to know your options before you start shopping for your contact lenses. Here are different types of contact lenses available. This will help you choose, with the help of your doctor, one that fits your needs.

Soft lenses :

Annual soft contact lenses – These types of lenses last for a full year. Unlike their disposable counterparts, these lenses demand regular and careful cleaning and proper storage for long use. Oxygen passage through the lens is necessary to prevent drying of the eyes and these lenses, made of soft material, give you just that. At a stretch these can be safely worn for as many as 14 hours.

Disposable lenses – Disposable lenses are use and throw lenses that, depending on the type of lenses. If you do not want to deal with regular care or maintenance of contact lenses then, disposable contact lenses are the way to go.

These lenses are available in various colors. But before buying these lenses it would be best to consult a local doctor about which type or brand of disposable lens would be best for your eye-type.

Flexible and Extended wear contact lenses – If you despise removing and putting back your contacts every single day, you will love these lenses. These lenses are so designed so that you can keep them for a,long time, without needing to take them off at all. You can even sleep with these lenses on. Depending on the make of your contacts, you could either wear them for a period of seven or up to thirty days continuously without ever taking them off.

Gas Permeable/ Oxygen permeable contact lenses/Rigid gas permeable :

Besides being easier to clean, they are immensely advantageous in that they are long-lasting and provide very good clarity of vision. These lenses permit more oxygen through them than most soft lenses.

But it is important to note that you would take some time getting used to wear these lenses as they are made of stiff, semi-rigid material.

Cosmetic lenses – The primary function of contact lenses is to correct vision problems, there are also the cosmetic lenses that also allow you alter the color of your iris. Colored contact lenses come in four different varieties: visibility tints, enhancement tints, opaque color tints and light-filtering tints.

Torics for astigmatism – These type of lenses provide the same ease of use and clarity of vision as normal contacts. For people having astigmatism, the inability of the cornea to properly focus an image onto the retina, you have torics are best to choose.

Contact lenses are comfortable and useful, once you will get used to them. If you are planning to buy lenses for yourself then choose Meadowvale Optometry. Here you will get all type of eye wears as well as high-quality of eye care service.


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