Get Your Eye Problems Cured By Consulting An Eye Specialist

The visual system is the most complicated and delicate system in a human body. In the comprehensive vision and eye health examination, conducted by eye care specialists, health of the eyes from retina to cornea is properly checked.

eyeglasses-2003188_640As we know retina of our eyes is the most delicate area which are damaged by systemic diseases for example diabetes. ARMD ( Age Related Mascular Degeneration) is also caus
ed by the thinning of the retina
, which is an essential part of an eye.

Powerful magnifier and microscopes are used to examine the inside area of the eyes, where small vessels are also visible. This tiny structure of eye area reveals the signs of diseases such as hardening of the arteries, high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis, and glaucoma.

Percentage of women facing eye problems are more than Man

According to one survey, it has been noted that women suffer more from eye problems as compared to men. Cataracts, dry eye disease, glaucoma, and muscular degeneration are some of the diseases from which women get affected more.

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If you want to avoid these eyesight problems, then, follow these below mentioned some of the most important steps.

Early detection of the problem

Most diseases of the eyes do not show detectable symptoms at an early stage unless and until they reach an advanced level. If you want to remain safe from the problem, then you need to

  • Identify an eye disease in the medical history of your family

  • Get a regular eye exam/ As prevention is better than cure. Identifying and preventing the problem at an earlier stage is good for your health.

  • You need to stop smoking habit.

  • If you are pregnant women and going to give birth to a baby, then also you must consult an eye care specialist.

  • Make use of contact lenses and cosmetics thoughtfully and safely.

  • For blocking UV rays go for brimmed hat and sunglasses.

Get a dilated exam for the eyes every year

According to one recent survey, the percentage of women who passed from eye test is very less. It is important for your good health of eyes to get a dilated exam timely. Routine checkup of eyes will reveal your eye conditions which affect your whole body. If these problems are not identified and cured at the right time, then further it may also lead to a serious health problem.

As vision optometrists available at Meadowvale Optometry are always there to offer high quality of service to their customers. They ensure lifelong vision health along with the overall health of their customers. If you are suffering from any kind of health problem and need consultancy then feel free to contact us. You can reach Meadowvale Optometry easily through fax, email or from available phone numbers.


With Diabetes Keep an Eye on your Eye Diseases

Today diabetes is known to occur in every other person be it a man or a woman, even the young ones are likely to be affected by the same today. If you have diabetes it does not remain restricted, instead there are chances that it will affect your eye health and lead to worse states. We can help you analyze the potential eye problems that can occur in your eyes due to diabetes and all you can do to prevent the same.


Diabetes can cause following eye problems:

  • Blindness: Diabetes can make your lens swell due to increasing blood sugar. The swelling of the lens can change the lens shape which will deplete your vision capacity. If you have blurry vision for now it might be the first sign knocking on your door for eye health.

  • Glaucoma: It is a form of vision loss which occurs due to increasing pressure on eyes. It might lead to the damage of optic nerve and form blurry images. People who are diabetic in nature are likely to face this problem of glaucoma.

  • Cataract: You might not have had cataract problem earlier but the chances for diabetes patients is really high. Cataracts actually make you eye lens clouded and can even turn worse if diabetes and its effects are not checked.

  • Damage the Retina: Damaging your retina due to high blood sugar level is termed as retinopathy. This is a severe eye problem as it can even lead to blindness.

How to keep an eye on eye diseases?

  • Keep a check on eyes and any symptoms related to the same

You must keep a check on any of the eye related symptoms like blurred vision, double vision, light flashes, eye pain, and black spots in your vision etc and if you notice any of these symptoms do not consider them to be normal instead take immediate steps to deal with the same. You eyes are really valuable and it can even lead to vision loss and further adverse effects, if a proper check is not kept on your diabetes and vision.

  • Choose the right optometrist

The right optometrist will help you keep your eyes safe. If you have diagnosed with diabetes then you must talk to your optometrist about the same and let him monitor any of the changes occurring in your eye conditions. The scenario seems to be worse when retina damages prior to any form of the vision loss. You can keep yourself healthy by choosing the right optometrist and consulting him on the regular basis.

  • Regular Eye checkups

Consistent or regular eye checkups can help to keep a check on your eye health. Your eye care professional will certainly guide you about the visits you must pay him in order to maintain your eye health and check if diabetes is affecting your eyes or not. Regular eye checkups by expert optometrists can help to diagnose any potential problems in time and cans save you from adverse effects like blindness.

Diabetes is something that will affect your vision and eye health in a silent fashion. Well do not let it play its role instead be on the safer side by taking preventive actions and caring for your overall health.

Difficult Activities for Children with Vision Problem

Vision is something that not merely helps us see but is the basis for our life as based upon our vision we see, we percept and we perform our day to day activities. Eye health is undoubtedly important for adults, but the fact that it is equally important for children cannot be ignored. Your child’s eye health is a statement about the overall health of the child and if the symptoms of any sort of disruption in the same arise you will certainly notice certain hindrance in all the activities your child is performing

To enlist a few activities that is difficult for your child if they are undergoing a vision problem:


  • Reading

When your child tries to focus, he might not find it easier to focus. The classroom study can turn out to be difficult for your child when copying the text from the board might leave redness in your child’s eye. Even while textbook reading, the same can turn out to be a difficulty for your child as it demands stress to be laid and ultimately creating more pressure on your child’s eyes. Your child can even start losing focus at times. If you notice your child’s lowering grades, then it is certainly a symptom demanding attention.

  • Using computer

You can notice certain disruptions in your child’s activity when they are using computer. It is one of the children’s most favorite gadget and if you notice them taking breaks from their normal use or diverting their focus towards something else then it is something that is demanding your attention. You must visit an optometrist at the earliest and schedule your child’s eye examination.

  • Refraining from watching television

Watching television and their favorite cartoon show is something any child won’t stay away from. It is something they can do all day long and still don’t get tired. If you see your child skipping their cartoon sessions, then they might be going through vision problems. While observing the same also keep in mind the distance they are watching the television from, if your child is sitting too close to the television then this factor should not be ignored.

  • Lack of participation in sports and other recreational activities

When your child is participating in any sports or other recreational activities it requires certain skills like analyzing the playground, visualizing the ball or focusing towards goals. Lack of your child’s participation in the same or giving bad performance in the same can be a symptom of vision problem. What need to be pondered is that even your child might now be aware about the same however, it is up to you that how well you can analyze your child’s behavior and activities.

The growth of your child depends upon how well he is able to grab things at a younger age and this is something possible if your child has clear and accurate vision. You must schedule a regular meeting with an optometrist at the earliest to get your child’s eyesight checked as it may turn out to be something difficult to correct in the longer run. Sometimes there are serious vision problems that your child might not complaint about the same but you can always take the above mentioned activities into consideration to improve your child’s eye sight and overall health.


Professional Optometrists for a better Clearer Vision

An optometrist is an eye care doctor who has the privilege and power to check your eyes for a clearer and better vision. If you use spectacles or want to treat your eyes well, you can always turn to an optometrist who would guide you about the eye issues and also about other health problems that might be persisting in your body, but you are unaware. In order to possess a clearer vision, you must look forward to visit a professional optometrist, who would provide you better suggestions and treatment.

In order to select a professional optometrist, you must take into consideration following points:


  • The educational qualification

Today there are different types of eye doctors available everywhere, you must look forward to the one who is qualified and is moreover trained to provide you the best vision services. As apart from eye glasses and contact lenses recommendation, the optometrist can help you with the suggestions that otherwise are not able to know.

  • Go for testimonials and reviews

If you know someone who has been consulting an optometrist for a long time, then the persona might be able to provide you the right reference of an optometrist. If you do not know someone personally you can always look forward to go online and get testimonials or reviews for the optometrist you are considering to visit.

  • The equipment and the machineries optometrist posses

Today technology has made its way far ahead and you must visit the professional optometrist who has latest technologies and resources available with him. You can always enquire about the same either personally or some mention the information on their websites. Better equipment helps to go for better eye examinations be it regular or comprehensive and ultimately treating your problem can be precise.

  • Book an appointment

You must have shortlisted professional optometrists near you, but the best can be relieved only after an appointment or visit. The meeting with your doctor would help you analyze all the major factors like how patiently the doctor heard you, how many patients were in the queue or what was the average waiting time, how much time was the optometrist giving to each patient and moreover did you like his method of treatment? Your first experience can help you judge the right optometrist for you.

When you visit an eye doctor, the recommended choice would be to visit and optometrist first and choosing the right professional optometrist would prove out to be fruitful in the longer run. Once you have finalized an optometrist, he would guide you for the eye examination and help you detect any defects, if present in your vision. An optometrist provides you following services:

  • Rectify your vision by detecting the defects in your visions and moreover prescribing you the eye glasses or contact lenses as per your vision problems.

  • Fitting your eyeglasses and contact lenses in an error free fashion can be one by an optometrist.

  • Detecting any other health problem related to eyes can be done in a matter of minutes by a professional optometrist.

  • The assistance you need before or after any eye surgery, would be catered well by the optometrist.

  • Regular eye examinations with an optometrist can help you maintain a lifelong vision.

If you wish to have clearer vision, the right optometrist would be the stair case you must climb in order to attain the same.

4 Signs when you Need Eyeglasses!

It has always been a state of dilemma that whether one is in a need of eyeglasses or not and eveMeadowvale Optometryn of one needs eyeglasses what are the potential symbols that one should look for in case one needs eyeglasses. Apart from the fact that you are unable to read properly or experience blurry vision, there are other signs that would help you know whether you are in need of eyeglasses or not. The problems or symptoms you come across might not always be deep and often might be the case that you are not able to realize what’s wrong but the below mentioned 4 tips would be a clear indication that you are in need of eyeglasses and you must not overlook these 4 signs:

  • The blurry vision

The topmost sign of detecting loss in vision is blurry vision and it’s definitely not normal. You can often notice that the books or blackboard becomes fuzzy to read. In case you are having problem dealing with nearby objects it can be myopia or near sightedness and if you are unable to detect or clear about distant objects the chances are that you might be facing long sightedness. In case you delay the blurry vision symptoms you might make your vision worse and dealing with the problem can turn out to be difficult.

  • Difficulty in light to dark adaptation and vice versa

Another potential symptom that you might find in case you need eyeglasses is difficulty in light adaptation that is often when you visit from light to dark or from dark to light you can notice certain kind of stress overtaking you. This can often cause headache or demanding more focus while reading. Often when you go through these light adaptations, you can notice watery eyes which is a noticeable symptom.

  • Eye strain and headache

This is one of the most common symptoms of vision problems as you will find difficult concentrating in your day to day work. You will find that more of your energy is being invested and you are facing easy fatigue which often leads to headache. Eye strain and headache would hinder your day to day activity. You can often notice watery eyes or reddish eyes. The problem of eye strain and headache would persist as long as the solution of vision correctness is not found. This can help you detect easily that you are in a need of eye glasses.

  • Difficulty in dealing with electronic devices

If you are a frequent user of computer or laptop you might notice that you are not able to use these devices as conveniently as you used to. In order to figure out more appropriately the problem use the device in the same fashion that you earlier used to like from the same distance and if you notice and for of fuzziness then you certainly need to visit an optometrist and get your eye sight checked at the earliest.

If you have come across any of the above mentioned tips then you must not delay and visit optometrists at the earliest. Getting eye glasses at an early stage would help you maintain you vision and eye health. The signs if ignored or remain undetected can lead you into major trouble.

Important Tips to Protect Your Eyesight: Eye Health and You

Eyes are a vital organ that requires proper care throughout one’s life. If you have eye vision problems you must be aware about the overheads you have to accumulate every passing day. Dealing with vision problems can be a tedious task. However prevention has always turned out to be better than cure. You can always take steps to take care of your eyes and protect your eyesight from deteriorating. Your eye health determines your overall body health and one must take all the required steps to protect eyes positively.


The under mentioned tips can help you protect your eyesight and maintain vision for your entire life:

  • Regular eye exams

Visiting an optometrist should not only be done if you have vision problems, instead it is something you should carry out on regular basis as this would help you determine the present state of your eyes. If you have kids you must look forward to conduct regular and complete eye exams for your children. This would be the first step to eye care.

  • The diet plays a major role

Having a healthy and balanced diet would help you maintain healthy vision for entire life. A healthy diet will introduce the right amount of nutrients in your body such that eradicating the deficiencies or any lacking factors. Eating green vegetables and fruits would help you maintain your vision and would not allow your eyesight move a step down.

  • Avoid unhealthy habits

There are some unhealthy habits that one might not be aware about but causes great damage to eyes as well as overall body. If you are a smoker the chances of deteriorating your eyesight are more than the non smokers. In order to protect your eyesight one must be willing to give up unhealthy habits like smoking, excessive use of electronic device, in appropriate sitting posture, touching your eyes directly with dusty and dirty hands etc. These habits willingly or unwillingly cause huge damage to your eyes.

  • Use sunglasses and do not expose eyes to direct sunlight

The sunlight possesses harmful ultraviolet rays which when come in direct contact with eyes damage eyes. You must being into use sunglasses whenever possible as it would not let the direct sunlight come in contact with eyes. Consider wearing sunglasses while driving or whenever you have to face sunlight.

  • Avoid prolonged use of electronic devices

Today we live in a generation of electronic devices but bringing them into excessive use is something that not only leads to time wastage but also cause physical problems which one hardly realizes at initial stages. The excessive usage damages eyes and also causes fuzzy image formation. If you are using eyeglasses you can look forward to use anti glare lenses. You must adjust your posture appropriately before using laptop or computer.

  • Reduce eye strain

You just cannot make your eyes work all day long and provide no rest to them. You should take appropriate steps to make your stress free. You can reduce eye strain by giving your eyes proper rest after fixed time duration. You can always opt for proper eye exercises to be carried out 5 to 10 minutes every day. This would help you maintain a healthy state of your eyes for the upcoming days and life.

Choosing the right sunglasses for your lifestyle

Today, sunglasses have become more of a necessity than a trend. They have the potential to change all your looks in a positive manner. They have been proven helpful in protecting eyes from sun damage and UV protection. The ri
ght sunglasses can be useful in outdoor day to day activities you carry out. Based upon
the average time you spend in sun, the activities you carry
out there and what your lifestyle demands, you must choose the right sunglasses.

The following collection of filtered points is fruitful if you want to choose the right sunglasses based upon your lifestyle:summer-635247_960_720

Outdoor activities like sports

If you are a regular practitioner of outdoor activities like sports, you have numerous options for such sunglasses. There are tailor made sunglasses out there in the market which serve the same purpose. The sunglasses should be chosen such that they provide no hindrance in viewing, you get a crystal clear view of everything and moreover the one that renders hand to boost up your performance on field and not vice versa. You have flexible choices in frames and lenses and you can select as the trend calls.

As the trend demands

If you wish to buy sunglasses for regular and trend purpose, you are welcomed to choose from any set of choices. While considering sunglasses for fashion, the first think you need to do is select the most appropriate frame. The frames are lightweight, heavyweight with broader and thinner sides; select the one that suits your face the best. The next step you have to deal is with the different shades of lenses. Today there are lens available in almost all the shades be it green, grey or blue. You can go on with the one that makes you comfortable.

If driving is your passion

If you are into driving profession or it is something you have as your passion, sunglasses are something you need to protect your eyes from constant exposure to sun. For the driving purpose the lens of the sunglasses are designed to cause no side effect to the driver as they reflect the sunlight as soon as it comes in contact with the lens. Since you might have to wear sunglasses all day long for the driving purpose, you can select a light frame that does not cause you misery of wearing sunglasses for prolonged hours.

Prioritize the use of sunglasses

Undoubtedly the sunglasses are used to boost up fashion today, they add up to the charm but in all these secondary benefits the primary focus of sunglasses should not be lost. The first step is to determine for what purpose to do you need sunglasses and how much is going to be its usage time per day. Based upon the facts you can select the right lenses and the outer frame .Once this is chosen you can go on for selecting the trendy features evolving in market based upon your lifestyle.

The best tip is to select the sunglasses that make you feel comfortable. To different people out there, different shades play their role. Take time to analyze which one plays the best for you and demand comfort over everything, because sunglasses are meant to save your life from the harmful environmental effects.